Get your resource requests "Just Right"

Goldilocks is a utility that can help you identify a starting point for resource requests and limits.

# How can this help with my resource settings?

By using the kubernetes vertical-pod-autoscaler (opens new window) in recommendation mode, we can see a suggestion for resource requests on each of our apps. This tool creates a VPA for each deployment in a namespace and then queries them for information.

Once your VPAs are in place, you'll see recommendations appear in the Goldilocks dashboard:

Goldilocks Screenshot

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The goal of the Fairwinds Community is to exchange ideas, influence the open source roadmap, and network with fellow Kubernetes users. Chat with us on Slack (opens new window) or join the user group (opens new window) to get involved!

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# Fairwinds Insights

Fairwinds Insights

If you're interested in running Goldilocks in multiple clusters, tracking the results over time, integrating with Slack, Datadog, and Jira, or unlocking other functionality, check out Fairwinds Insights (opens new window), a platform for auditing and enforcing policy in Kubernetes clusters.